We love fruits so much we squeeze them!

Franz Josef Rauch embarked on the adventurous business journey of his life in 1919: He founded a small commission cidery for farmers living in the region. You might as well call it a start-up, just like today’s Rauch Juice Bar that gives you the crucial vitamin kick with its fruity bars in Austria and Germany.


We have everybody’s best flavour

For those of you who do not have a Juice Bar nearby, there are directly squeezed juices inspired by our Rauch Juice Bars with a variety of flavours in major carafes also for home and smaller bottles for on the go, fruity smoothies with special add-ons and vitamins and completely new since may: Three different cold teas with 25% fruit and nothing else (without added sugar). Your RAUCH Juice Bar for home, so to speak, directly from the cooling shelf to your house.


Our Juice Truck is home!  For all the Juice Addicts in Vorarlberg come drink a juice with us at the Messepark in Dornbirn. Our Truck will be in Dornbirn from the 3rd of September till the 8th of September and on every Saturday in October.


Since we care about the environment, we focus on sustainability and environmental protection. Among other things, we only use PLA cups made of 100% renewable resources (starch from maize and beets) that are biodegradable and compostable.

The majority of our juices and smoothies are 100% vegan, certified by the Vegan Society Austria. With the MYEQUA Refill Bottles, you can receive a 0.10 EUR “For the sake of the environment” discount for every large juice/shake (L) you buy. MYEQUA furthermore donates 10% of its profits for charity purposes.
We are constantly committed to buying regional products. A myriad number of our products are “made in Austria”. Carefully bottled in Austria, we are able to keep transport distances short, thus making sure our products are sustainable and of highest quality.