We have everybody’s best flavour

Have you heard about our carafes with directly squeezed juices? – We take great pride in them. If you like it classy, orange and blood orange hit the spot. Or do you like it a bit more colourful?
No matter if it is – orange-mango-carrot, apple-grape-raspberry, pomegranate-chokeberry, cucumber-kiwi-spirulina, pineapple-orange-passion fruit or mild orange – we are absolutely sure you will find some amazing flavour that suits your taste!

Your Rauch Juice Bar Team.

Smoothly through the day

For our new Rauch Juice Bar Supersmoothies we only combine the best fruits , refined with special add-ons such as calcium, zinc or iron and different vitamins for a unique fruit experience! No matter if it’s – Iron Heart, Green Keeper or Little Sunshine – we certainly have something for your taste that carries you through the day smoothly.

PS: It goes without saying that all our Supersmoothies and directly squeezed juices have no sugar added. Freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables make sure that flavours and nutrients are well preserved.

Just tea with fruits. Nothing else!

The fruit juice mastery of the Rauch Juice Bar combined with freshly brewed tea converge to an entirely new flavour experience. Tea with fruit only, a 25% fruit content to be precise, and nothing else. There are no sugars, sweeteners, flavours, colourants or preservatives added. The tea is fresh and light, purely natural and can certainly do without sugar. The fruit juice and the natural sugar contained in the fruit itself make sure there is only about 2.2 to 2.5g of sugar/100ml, which equals 11-12kcal. The three flavours certainly have something in store for everybody.